Corporate Law. Merger and Acquisition.

Corporate Law issues require a multifaceted approach, which ensures that emergency problems and threats to business can be effectively handled with preventive measures.

Services relted to Corporate law

Corporate management

  • legal analysis of corporate management systems and recommendations for further development;

  • drafting documents to organize/improve the corporate management systems.

Due Diligence of legal entities

  • due diligence of legal entities, legal title to property, and provision of legal evaluation of obligations owing by those entities;

  • identification and assessment of legal risks, provision of legal advice and advising on effective risk management measures.

Establishment and legal support for the holding companies

  • legal analysis of a group of interrelated companies, identification of legal risks, provision of legal advice on risk management;

  • analysis and provision of legal advice relating to establishing a holding company;

  • ongoing legal support with any established holding company.

We provide legal assistance with mergers and acquisitions (M&A) transactions

  • legal assistance with the acquisition of legal entities, business, and assets;

  • develop transaction structure and necessary documentation in order for the transaction to be carried out and approved by the relevant authorities;

  • ensure that due diligence is properly carried out at all phases of the transaction, including a final report on transactions and risk assessment.